Saturday, February 16, 2013

Little Chicks

Our Valentine's Day present to both of us were 9 new baby chicks.

3 buff orpingtons, which is what our mama bird is, 3 americaunas, which is what mama bird's babies are mixed with, and 3 barred rock, which are beautiful chickens when grown. All hens.

When these chicks are grown we will have an even 12 hens and one rooster, Harold. Our other roosters went to the butcher block.

The chicks are living in a rubbermaid tote with a wire cloth and wood top. We have a heating lamp on them as well. They are in our dining room for a month or so, then we will move them into a bigger tote in the garage.

They are so cute and chirpy and are starting to tame. This morning they woke up when I was taking their lid off to give them food and water and instead of cowering in the corner, they ran around my hand, not scared at all.

Three of the yellow ones are the buff orpingtons, the 2 brown ones and one yellow are the americaunas, and the black ones are the barred rocks.

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