Sunday, February 24, 2013

Just A Day.

Just a lazy Sunday. All I did today was clean a little. And care for the spawn, of course. Now we are all relaxing in the living room waiting for bedtime, then the fun begins...... Walking Dead tonight. YES!

How is your 20 in 20 going? I've tossed a few toys, a few games, a bunch of paperwork, that sort of thing. I also spent some time on the flylady website and took some of her tips to build a control journal. I am going to start my flylady routine tomorrow. I also got some paint and ribbon to repurpose a chicken wire frame into a bow holder for Alta.  Should be interesting, especially since I'm not very crafty, I just pretend to be.

Our chicks our growing SO fast. Seriously, one day they were little balls of fluff, now they are growing in their real feathers. We already had to move them to a bigger brooder, also known as the biggest rubbermaid on Earth.

See ya tomorrow!

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