Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Laptop Means...

NEW POSTS!!!! YAY! I know you are all excited. Right? RIGHT?!

My wonderful husband got me a new laptop. How awesome is that? I had no idea he was getting it. He asked what I wanted just for me, I brushed it off with a "oh I don't need anything".  Then a few days later, we were talking and I mentioned a laptop would be awesome so I could blog more and have more pictures on it. He was paying attention, and BAM brought it home last night. I guess that earns him brownie points.

I have an u/s on my gallbladder, which I will be having surgery on. I will spare the details. But afterward, I will work on getting a new look on my blog and work on my first (second if you count this one) post back! No more sporadic posting! Three cheers!!!! No? Well, one cheer, at least?  Ahem. At least be looking for a new fresh look and new posts daily. Until I get bored and find some other excuse not to blog. Just kidding. Kind of.

Oh, and please forgive any typos for a while, it is hard to get use to typing on an actual keyboard again. I have always hated touch screen keyboard, but apparently, I was use to it.

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