Monday, January 21, 2013

Good Bye!

To my blog? Nope. To 17 pounds lost this week! Go me! I am doing it this time. This is the longest I've gone. I have faith in myself. I have said it before, but it's true this time.

My kids are more important than food. I say this myself hundreds of times a day. Everytime I want to go eat everything in the kitchen. Everytime I have a headache from craving my Pepsi.

And it's true, they are so much more important. I will not die at 65. Being fat is not my fate.

I have been pretty strict with 1200 calories a day. I have gone over, in fact, I had Chinese last night for dinner. But I worked out a little extra, and more importantly, I didn't drink the liter of Pepsi with it. I drank water. In fact, that's all I have drank the last week. With the exception of 2 coke zeros. And I have been drinking lots of it. 100oz-120oz a day. I have also been logging minutes on my elliptical.  I am sure most of my loss was water weight. And I'm sure this week will not be as good. But that's okay. A loss is a loss and I will get there. We are going to Disney World this June and I will be 50 pounds or more lighter. That's my first goal. And I will hit it.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Head Stones and Other Things

Today we are all going to pick out mom's head stone. I am also going to stop by her grave and collect her Christmas wreath to save for next year. Then afterwards, my brother in law and nephews and perhaps, brother, are bringing the rest of mom's things here, where my sister and I will sort through them. It is going to be a rough day.

In kid news, we have all been sick with something or another since the end of November. Ugh. Passing it around, and then someone else gets sick with something new. Great. Yesterday we scrubbed the whole house and hopefully that helps stop the sickness cycle.

Alta has a GI appointment on Feb 27, that is the soonest they could get us in. Hopefully she will have gained some weight. At her lasy doctor appointment, she weighed 19 pounds even. She is also somewhere around 29 inches. My little petite princess. Please keep her and us in your prayers.

My computer is junk, so I have to blog on my phone completely now, which leaves pictures crappy. But I will add some at the end, since I can't figure out how to add them between the texts on my phone. I has pictures from Christmas to post for you to see as well as some other places we have gone to and done the last month or so.