Thursday, February 21, 2013

20 in 20

I have a clutter problem. A bad one. So I am going to challenge my self to purge 20 things a day for 20 days. In any room. Just go through with a bag and toss. Or if it is "good" junk, then put in a box for the thrift shop. At the end, that will be 400 things gone. I am starting in the dining room where the paperwork has gone crazy and multiplied. I will re-evaluate after the challenge is over and do another if needed. And so on and so forth.

I think I will challenge the boys to a similar challenge but challenge them to do 5 things a day for 5 days and then repeat until my challenge is done. So a total of 60 toys, books, games missing pieces, scratched DVDs, or junk out of the house or garage. They have so many toys it isn't even funny. At all.

Join me if you wish and leave a comment and tell me how it's going for you.
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