Friday, November 23, 2012

The Countdown Is On!

Today the kids and I (even Alta helped glue) made our annual Christmas countdown chain. I think this is probably the 4th year we've made it. Most of our shopping is done. I had pictures made of the kids for the grandparents, and Sam's present has been bought. I still need a few stocking stuffers for the kids and the Santa gifts.

31 days to go!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am exhausted. It is 9:07 here on the Hindrichs Homestead. We had a very nice Thanksgiving. My sister and I cooked for 22 people. We even had to clean out the garage and set up tables in there to eat. The food was delicious and the fellowship was even better. But wow, I am glad it is over. We had a little mishap that ended with us having no hot water in the kitchen, so the dishes are waiting for tomorrow when I am rested enough to boil water to wash them.

I am very thankful this year. I have had a few major losses. My mom being the biggest. I am so thankful that she was as great as a mother as she could be, though at times, I wish she wouldn't have been so good. Then maybe, just maybe, the hole she left in my heart wouldn't be so big.

Well, onto my thankful list then, yes?

First, I am thankful for our Lord. I am thankful He forgives me and loves me no matter what.
I am thankful for my husband. Without him, I wouldn't be living this wonderful life, I wouldn't have three beautiful children who call me mommy. He works hard for us, and I am truly thankful for him.
I am thankful for my kids, Landon, Parker, and Alta. My reasons for getting up in the mornings, because, you know, they never let me sleep in. Lol. My loving boys and darling daughter bring me so much joy and happiness everyday.
I am thankful for being a teen mom. Crazy right? But God works in mysterious ways and He knew that by me having my family a little earlier than most, mom would get to meet them and love them.
I am thankful for my family, my dad, Nanoo, sister and brother. They are there for me, always.
I am thankful for my angel, my mom who watches from Heaven now and shares her Thanksgiving with Jesus and her own mom and dad.
I am thankful for my animals, my chickens, dogs, and cats. They bring me comfort when no one else can.
I am thankful for our home.
I am thankful for our relatively good health.
I am thankful for many things, but the list would go on and on.

I know I say it every time, but I will get back into blogging, hopefully soon. Just right now, I am still in a dark place and could use some prayers.

Happy Thanksgiving to my readers, and happy first Heavenly Thanksgiving to my mom!