Monday, January 21, 2013

Good Bye!

To my blog? Nope. To 17 pounds lost this week! Go me! I am doing it this time. This is the longest I've gone. I have faith in myself. I have said it before, but it's true this time.

My kids are more important than food. I say this myself hundreds of times a day. Everytime I want to go eat everything in the kitchen. Everytime I have a headache from craving my Pepsi.

And it's true, they are so much more important. I will not die at 65. Being fat is not my fate.

I have been pretty strict with 1200 calories a day. I have gone over, in fact, I had Chinese last night for dinner. But I worked out a little extra, and more importantly, I didn't drink the liter of Pepsi with it. I drank water. In fact, that's all I have drank the last week. With the exception of 2 coke zeros. And I have been drinking lots of it. 100oz-120oz a day. I have also been logging minutes on my elliptical.  I am sure most of my loss was water weight. And I'm sure this week will not be as good. But that's okay. A loss is a loss and I will get there. We are going to Disney World this June and I will be 50 pounds or more lighter. That's my first goal. And I will hit it.

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