Friday, November 11, 2011


MLT or Moments Like This.

Lately Parker has been saying "huh" instead of "uh-huh"
For example: "Parker, do you like that banana?" "Huh."
"Parker, do you want lunch?" "Huh."
"Parker, is that batman?" "Huh."

Sometimes, it gets on my nerves. Especially when I repeat myself 1000 times because I think he is being a rude little shit by saying "huh".
For example: "Parker, do you need to pee?" "Huh." "Parker, do you need to pee?" "Huh." "I SAID, PARKER DO YOU NEED TO PEEEEEEEEEE???!!!!" "Yes."

But still, moments like this are fleeting and pretty soon he will be using all the correct terms with the correct meanings. And probably using words I don't agree with him using. Like I am sure my mother wouldn't agree with me using "rude little shit" to describe my child.

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