Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween... or something.

Monday was Halloween. Landon had school, so our festivities didn't start until he got home. While he was at school I made homemade chicken and dumplings so I didn't have to worry about dinner directly before or after trick or treating. I made the boys clean their room before leaving, so after blood and tears and finally cleaning was over, we got dressed. Landon was Batman, Parker was Spiderman, and Ali was a little lady bug.
Finally we started out, we hit up the fire station first and the boys got to climb in and out of a firetruck. Then we went begging, er, I mean, trick or treating down the main road in town.
Sam's mom met us about half through and then daddy himself came with us the last bit. It was a fun night and the kids, well boys, since Ali was just along for the ride, made out like fat little piggies.

And for the record, the dumplings weren't my best. :(

I hope my pictures turned out right.

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