Thursday, April 11, 2013

Whining and Screaming and Crying and Yelling

I am having a hard time with the kids, mainly the boys. They have turned into screaming monsters overnight. They yell and scream and cry at each from the moment they wake up until Landon goes to school and they start over as soon as he gets home. Something has to change. So I went and bought a clear tote, two glasses, some dragon tears (are they still called that?) and most importantly, cheap toys.

The supplies

I chose a clear tote so they could see the toys inside, which I hope will motivate them better.

Glass jars

Two different shades of colors, one for each boy

All the toys were a dollar

I am going to explain it to them tomorrow. They will earn them by being nice to each other as well as other people, I am going to call it "caught ya being good." And they will earn them by doing what they are told and their chores without complaining.

However, they can also lose them by being disrespectful, being mean, or not doing their work.

At 20 stones they can choose a toy in the box or they can save up to 40 stones and get a bigger toy (that I still need to buy) or they can save up to 100 and get a special outing such as Monkey Joes or Chuck-E-Cheese. I have a good feeling about this. Wish us luck, we will need it.

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  1. Good idea!! I need to try this asap :-P

  2. Sorry Laura, I totally just saw this. It actually works. It almost works a little to well because the boys come up with ways to earn marbles, OR they try to bribe me with "I'll do this if you give me 3 marbles." So yes, it does work, especially with Parker.