Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I saw this on a blog I follow recently and thought it was cute. Here is a few things about me.

I am pretty much a prude. I wasn't always like this, but I am now.

I drink only occasionally. But I usually drink wine when I do drink.

I feel like I was made to be a stay at home mom.

I think cloth diapers are a great choice, but I won't judge if you don't.

I wish I could successfully breast feed. But I can't, I just don't make enough milk. I still give it my all.

I play clarinet, piano, and the sax. I am going to teach my kids to read music.

I love to read. Especially Christian novels by Janette Oke.

I am a Christian.

I should be cleaning right now.

I enjoy going places with my kids and taking them to exciting places over going out alone or with friends.

I believe in soul mates and believe my husband is mine.

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