Monday, February 13, 2012

Random Thoughts

Ahhhh. Snow. Snow? Fun. I need milk, so when Ali wakes up, I guess we will get dressed and head out. Landon's Valentine's Day party is tomorrow, so I hope they don't cancel school.

My mom has a venous stasis ulcer on her leg. That means she has a hole in her leg 3 inches deep and 2 cm around. We have been fighting it for almost a year now, but it is finally healing. She started a wound vac last Wednesday and we are hopeful.

I have laundry to do. Still no dryer. Hang dry it is. The diapers need to be stuffed and put away so I can use their drying rack.

I gave into peer pressure and jumped on the "Hunger Games" bandwagon. I read the first two books in 4 days. I love them. Must get the new one today.

My dad got us some goat's milk soap from Indigo Wild, it's called a Zum Bar. So far I like it. After I use it a few more times, I will give a review.

I also bought a nice used Baby Bullet. Peer pressure again.

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