Saturday, February 18, 2012

I am ashamed. But I shouldn't be.

I am getting ready to take my kids to visit my mom, and the boys are staying the night. Why? Well, I asked, for the first time ever, if she would keep them so I could have some peace and quiet...okay, maybe not, but just have Ali, who is in the midst of teething on top of her reflux and hasn't napped or quit screaming today. I just need some help, and my mom if going to help. Even though the boys are not bad, I feel I need to spend some time snuggling my baby for the evening and night, and hopefully tomorrow, she will be herself and only cry 50% of the day.

I am ashamed to admit that I need help. But need it, I do. My nerves are wrecked. I am tired, and so is my baby. And that means the boys aren't getting the attention they need today, so they will spend the night with their mawmaw and get all kinds of goodies and attention from her. And tomorrow, I will pick them up and hope it is better than today.

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