Friday, July 19, 2013

Meramec State Park- Vacation Day 3

On day 3, we woke up leisurely, then went and had breakfast with Dad and Nanoo. They decided to go visit family that lived in the area, while we went sight seeing again. We made plans that night to celebrate Ali's birthday at their camper.

After breakfast, we were off! First stop was Riverside Wildlife Center, in Stanton, MO.

At first glance, you think to yourself. Ummm, maybe we should just keep driving. But we went in, and it was wonderful!

We had a tour guide who told us all about the animals, how they care for them, how they acquired them, (most were unwanted exotic pets), and he would share a personal story about that animal. You could tell they really cared for the animals and each one was special in their own ways.

Every single worker was kind and had a smile on their face.

When you first go out into the animal sanctuary, you go by the alligators. Really close to the alligators. Really close. Close enough where they could eat you. Seriously.

After the alligators, were an iguana, chickens, pheasants, and a goat.

We also got to see a fox, bobcats, emus, and a few other animals. 

But the main attraction for me was the beautiful tigers, Jasmine and Jafar, and the lion, Leo.

After the outside animals, you go in to the reptile room. In the room they have a lot of snakes, a few turtles, a GIANT snapping turtle, as well as the move it move its, the lemurs. 

Someone was a little happy about holding a snake. 

We don't like to move it move it. At all. 

Ali would have spent all day sticking her tongue out at this guy.

Cute baby alligators

Petting the alligator

Park would not sit still

Landon petting the alligator. Parker would not go near it.

It was awesome, if you are ever near Stanton, go check them out! 

After the Wildlife Center, we went down the road a ways to Meramec Caverns. You may know this as Jesse James' hideout. Since we had toured the cave 2 years previously, and did Onondaga cave the day before, we skipped the cave tour. 

We did however, go on the riverboat ride. It happened to be the kids' first ever boat ride. They did awesome. And we learned a bit about the river and the wildlife in the river. 

A little nervous

Parker has his thinking tongue out.

This guy welcomed us back to shore.

After the boat ride, the kids "mined" for gold, rocks, fossils, and other things at the Meramec Mining Co.

My loves, with me photobombing.

Still has his thinking tongue out.

After mining, and getting some old fashioned drinks and candy in the fudge shop, we headed east on I44, and went to the Rt. 66 museum. 

The kids were not impressed with this, and had quite enough sight seeing for the day, so the museum was a quick walk through. 

Ali would not pose with them. 

After the museum, it was back to Sullivan, to go to Wal-Mart to buy Ali's birthday cake and get some pizzas and have a little birthday party. 

Papa and his namesake

Opening her puppy

Sitting with their Nanoo, one of their favorite people in the world. 

After the party, it was back to the cabin and time for baths and bed and get ready for the next day. 

Stay tuned for day 4!

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