Friday, July 12, 2013

Meramec State Park- Vacation Day 2

On our second day on vacation, we were patiently waiting for my Dad and Nanoo to join us in their camper. While we waited, we decided to check out some local places.

Ready to start the day

Our first stop was the Welcome Center at Meramec State Park. The Welcome Center had a nice museum of the things about the park and surrounding areas. We learned about the different rocks that form the basin and caves, and about the animals that live around the area.

Reading about Dolomite

Pressing buttons is one of her favorite things

Please touch table, and Landon and Parker sporting the same bed head

We got the cave around 11, and was lucky enough to get in on the 11 am tour. It was gorgeous, stalagmites and stalactites abound. Parker was fascinated with the "soda straws" that hung from the ceiling.  Our tour guide was awesome at showing things and explaining them, especially since we had such a large group. The tour itself was about 2 hours long, and was pretty strenuous at times, and Alta had enough by the time we were there for an hour, but all in all it was 100% worth it.

Soda straws

Inactive flowstone

The twins

Inactive flowstone with a little bit of active flowstone (white)

Carrot room of the cave

Lily Pad room

Active flowstone

The cave made us work up quite the appetite, so we went to the boys' favorite restaurant to eat lunch, Denny's.  And after Denny's we got the call that Dad and Nanoo had arrived. So we headed back to the park to help them set up camp. Then we visited for a while and tried to go swimming again in the river, but it had risen several feet and was moving fast, so we didn't try, plus Landon saw a snake, so he wouldn't get in even if we could. Instead, we went to Blue Springs to go wading in the little creeks. It was freezing. But was so much fun. The boys found a few rocks and tons of snails. Afterwards, we ate dinner and called it a day. 

Stay tuned for day 3. 

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