Monday, August 6, 2012

Backyard Construction

....or should I say destruction?

In our backyard we had a sidewalk to no where, a large cistern with water, and  a burn pit that we didn't want. Actually, the cistern was a safety concern as it was covered with a rotten board and I was scared a child, my own or someone else's, would fall through. So with the help of my dad and a family friend we got the job done. My dad took the concrete to his house to use to prevent anymore sliding in his creek.
This is the cistern, that square hole was covered by the boards. 
Pulling out the concrete slab over the cistern. A huge black snake was living here! Ack!
The cistern with some trash and a load of dirt already in it.
Tearing up the sidewalk to nowhere. 
Tractor power!
No more cistern!
The boys played on the load of dirt while everyone worked.

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