Sunday, August 19, 2012

Alta Update #1

Alta had her appointment this past Thursday at Cardinal Glennon in St. Louis with a GI. She weighs 18 pounds 12 oz. Which is her highest weight yet! Her GI was a little concerned about her weight and told us to keep on with toddler formula, which we are. She will take about 16-20 oz a day. She also will eat about 10 oz of baby food stage 2 a day. That's pretty much it.

Waiting to see the GI

Her GI isn't sure if she has plain old GERD, or reflux, or if she has a disease called Eosinophilic Esophagitis. So she put her on 30mg of Prevacid twice a day. If she has reflux, we should be seeing an improvement soon. She also had blood drawn. The GI is having a full blood panel done, including kidneys. If her blood is packed with eosinophils, we will have an upper GI done next week with a biopsy under general anesthesia. Which her GI was concerned about because she is so small. Or if her blood work comes back ok, we will have the upper GI done anyway if she shows no improvement by then.
Showing off her bandage from the blood draw

Her symptoms are refusal to eat. Choking on anything that is not liquid (including stage 3 baby foods). Throwing up, sounding congested after eating, and coughing. She is also having a hard time gaining weight.

If you want to read more on EoE, you can check THIS site out.

I would greatly appreciate prayers and good thoughts for my baby. Thanks.

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