Monday, March 26, 2012

Just day by day...

Sorry I haven't been updating often. Nothing big is happening, and I hate to just ramble about my boring SAHM days. Like today, for instance, I dropped Landon off at school, then came down to mom's, where I have done my laundry, as well as her's, cleaned her house a bit, and dressed her leg. Now I am waiting to make lunch for everyone. After that, I will be heading home for a quick shower and change, then pick Landon up, then take the kiddos to the park to let out some energy. Then home to clean our own home and make dinner. Then Sam will be home, then baths and bed time. Boring, right? Well, maybe not, but it sure is boring to read. Haha.

I think I may start blogging about how I feel about certain parenting topics, such as cloth diapering, and maybe other things, like my hobbies, sewing, ect; to use as fillers. Maybe? Yes? No?

Before I go, a MLT.

Parker was perusing our DVDs and saw Passion, and asked what it was, Sam answered him, "a movie about Jesus." And Park said, "oh I like Jesus! He's my favorite guy!" Lol.

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