Thursday, January 19, 2012

Making Babyfood: sweet potatoes

While pregnant with our littlest piggy, Sam and I discussed what we wanted to do differently with this baby. Making our own babyfood was one. Little did we know, we would almost have to make our own food. Ali has reflux and has a hard time eating food, especially stage 1 babyfoods. She gags, chokes, and throws up. So at 7 months old, we are trying to get her to eat solids. I try to feed her at least once a day. However, it is slow going and the foods need to be the right consistancy, not to thick and not to thin.

So today, I made some sweet potatoes. Who needs the baby bullet? I just have a small 4 cup hand food processor and it works very well. *disclaimer: I blog from my phone, which means that I can't get my pictures to show up with certain texts, they have to show up at the bottom, I will try to remember to fix it on the computer, but no promises*

First, I cooked a large sweet potato in the microwave until soft. Then I peeled it and saved half for Parker and my lunch (with butter and a pinch of brown sugar, amazing!). With the other half, I cubed/cut up and plopped it into the food processor. I added a smidgen of water (maybe a tablespoon) and started chopping. I checked periodically and scraped the sides down. About 2 minutes later, I had sweet potato baby food, made just for my princess. Then I scooped it into my baby food jars, I use Tomee Tipee, but whichever brand/jar works just fine, I like the colors of TT and that they can stack.  But I digress. Then I put the lids on tight and stuck them in the freezer. They would stay good about 2-3 months, but we will hopefully be using them along with the bananas I made, in the next week since we only have 8 jars.  A half of a large sweet potato made enough baby food to have about 2 tablespoons in 5 TT jars.

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