Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope your new year was fun, safe, and exciting!

We didn't do much. Sam had to work this morning, so he went to bed early. The kids and I stayed up, watched some TV, played sequence, danced to salsa music, played legos, and watched Star Wars. The boys pettered out around 11:30 and Ali dozed on and off all evening. But I did give them all a kiss in their sleep at 11:59 and then their first kiss of the New Year at 12:00. Then I got the boys in bed and Ali changed and fed and we went to bed as well.

Today we are going to spend the day with my mom, she's making ham and beans for the New Year.

Some hopes for the new year: a career for me, moving to our new house, mom moving back into here and selling her house, everyone staying healthy, healthy babies for my friends and family expecting, and about a million other things.

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