Friday, December 2, 2011

The Chain

When something big, like a birthday or major holiday, comes along,.we like to make a countdown chain. This time our chain is counting down to Christmas. Landon, Parker and I worked ever so hard to make our chain. We made it 35 days until Christmas. Every morning one of the boys gets to break a link on the end. When we get to the last one, it's Christmas. How exciting! We try to make a big deal by announcing, "30 more days till Christmas!!" And then we cheer. It helps the boys see how close Christmas is, and each day it gets that much closer. 

So, here is a picture of our chain, its hanging in the doorway of the boys' room.

*note our ugliest decoration on their door as well. I am not even sure where we procured this awful thing, but anyway, there it is for your enjoyment as well.

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