Thursday, March 27, 2014

Updates on Us

It's been a while. To be honest, I've been in a winter funk. We've had, like many, a long hard winter. Most of my time has been spent keeping the house warm.

But I think I can finally say it is spring. In all its windy glory today. Our chickens started laying eggs again last week. They haven't laid since October, so finding 6 eggs was a welcome surprise.

As for the kids, they are great. Homeschooling is going well, Landon is starting multiplication in math, Parker is starting addition and mastering his letter sounds in preparation for kindergarten next year. Alta, at this point, is still along for the ride. We purchased our new curriculum for next year. We chose to keep on with Abeka for everything for Landon except science, we went with Apologia instead. The boys chose Astronomy this year. They are very much enjoying it. Parker is also starting with the full Abeka kindergarten curriculum next year. And Alta will be starting "pre-k", mainly learning the shapes, colors, numbers, and letters that she doesn't already know. By then we will have another little girl along for the ride. It is amazing how fast they grow.

Speaking of the new little girl, she has a name now. She will be called Lena Sue, after my great grandma, and my mom. I am 32 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Almost there! She moves constantly, much more than any of the other kids. My OB and his NP have both commented on how much she moves as well when they try to find her heartbeat on the doppler. We should find out in the next few weeks when her birthday will be. We are trying to finish up getting ready for her. I've found by number 4, and the second girl in a row, there isn't much to get. We did get her a new car seat, an amber necklace, and a few more cloth diapers, but other than that, we haven't gotten her anything. Everything else we have, or we have learned we do not need. I have been slacking on getting her clothes out and washing and putting them away. We also need to put the newborn bassinet and sleeper in the pack and play, but Alta still uses it every so often when she comes into our room in the middle of the night, so I am waiting until the last minute to do that. I guess by the fourth baby, you realize things don't matter as much as they did with the first. And putting things out well before the baby comes means the other kids will make it grubby and it will need washed again, so may as well leave it for the last minute.

Alta is in the process of attempting potty training. She sometimes does very well, sometimes not so well. I'm not rushing her because she will get it when she gets it. Just like the boys did.  But it would be nice if she was trained by the time Lena gets here.

The boys are growing, especially Landon. I only see small glimpses of little boy left in him. He is officially a big boy. Running, helping, and asking questions we aren't quite ready to answer. He is a great help around the house, and is constantly wanting to know more about everything we do. He reads chapter books, showers by himself, makes his own snacks for himself, and sometimes even his brother and sister. I'm not ready for him to grow up, but I'm glad he is turning into a nice young man.

Parker, he is still a little boy. Still full of giggles and snuggles. He has the biggest imagination in the world. He still needs me to dry him off after a bath, he still likes to cuddle, he still needs me to pour him a glass of milk. But soon, too soon, he won't.  And I'll have two big boys.

The other thing that has happened in our little world, is Spicy our cat, had an unexpected litter of four little kittens. She's not much more than a kitten herself, not being one until May, but she's being a pretty good mommy cat. The kittens were born March 12, and are starting to toddle and play. They are adorable. The kids absolutely love them. I am hoping we will find them good homes, then Spicy is getting fixed, and that will be the end of kittens at our house.

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