Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hiking High-jinks!

 We have been hiking lately for fun and exercise and learning. Sam has also taken an interest in learning about the flowers and rocks and other things we might see along the way, so it is also becoming a learning experience as well.

Our very first hike as a family took place about 14 miles south of our house. We had heard that there were petroglyphs along the river on Fountain Bluff.

A petroglyph (rock engraving) is a picture made in the rocks by native people using tools to carve into the rock.

So with our new knowledge, we headed out.   The trail as it turned out, wasn't really a trail. Oh my goodness, I am surprised I lived to tell the tale about it. There was a weedy, muddy 4-wheeler trail that was maybe 200 feet long from the road that leads up to the petroglyphs. However, after we saw them, we decided to keep walking up this game trail.


Behind the boys, you can see the good trail, that trail became awful as we traveled along it. We ended up going over and under fallen trees, through mud, around rocks, and dodging animal poo. In the end, it felt like we had hiked over 10 miles. But when we made it to the road, we had walked about 1000 feet from our van.

The view was spectacular. Above is the Mississippi River bottoms. 

All in all, it was an awesome day. Even if it wore all of us out. We have since done a few more hikes, and our vacation centered on caves and wildlife. Vacation posts are coming soon. 

Want to learn more??? Go check out Petroglyphs at Fountain Bluff on Facebook. Or check out The Fountain Bluff's site on Natural Almanac.

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