Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Inside Our Home

Our home is in a very small town that has a ton of history... but none to be found on the internet. Seriously, if you search our town, it doesn't exist. Our appraisal says the home was built in 1950. However, the architecture says otherwise, as does my sister in law, who works with old homes, as well as my dad, who remembers the house being here in the 30s. His best guess, the original home was built in the 1830s. With additions built on, the final, our master bedroom, being built in 1950. The home boasts of crown molding, pocket doors, and hard wood floors through out. The ceilings are also textured, and have molding on them. We know for a fact that our home use to house the general store as well as the post office. The shed in the backyard was the town barber shop. Two doors down is the falling down opera/action/dance hall. Behind us  is a falling down one room school and church. History surrounds us. But, like I said, it doesn't exist on the internet. I will have to do some digging to find out the true history. Here are some inside pictures. Please excuse the mess, these were taken as we were moving in.

Dining room
Wood burner in dining room
outer bathroom
inner bathroom
master bedroom (with Sam and Ali lounging about)
Alta's room (needs painted)
The boys' room (yes that door goes onto the roof. we have it blocked by a dresser)
Guest bedroom
Living room

And just because this little curly haired devil is so darn cute... and because her birthday is in 2 days!

Upcoming posts: Alta's birthday planning, inside surprises, Alta's party.

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