Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sorry about that...

I am very sorry my blog has taken a back burner lately. I am very busy with the end of school for Landon, packing (we move in 3 weeks!), taking care of my mom, and the main reason, my phone is broken, and that is how I blog 99% of the time. I should be getting it back up and running Wednesday.

Well, last Tuesday, Landon graduated Kindergarten. How big he is! The class was so very cute singing and dancing and praising God. Then his teacher read their favorite book of the year. "I'll Love You Forever" It took all I had to not bawl like a baby when the class recited "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby, you'll be." If you have ever read that book, you know at the end, the tables turn and the child is holding his mother as well as a his new baby. I am in that place right now. I believe I learned in school it is the "sandwich generation" you take care of your parents and your own family. Typically, this happens to 35-45, not 25. Ah, well, the joys of your mother having you later and you having your own kids early.

Here are a few pictures of him on his big night.
Smiling boy 
Receiving his diploma

Saying the pledges

My big boy with his cap and gown. :)

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